People starts talking about it. Some make random guesses. EMOTION + BEAT A BOX?

“Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends.”

Yes, you are absolutely right! Simple yet unforgettable.

This latest series of “EMOJIBOX” by BEAT’ABOX comes in two different mode of colors ( black/natural wood) at the sides of the cajon. On the snare face of the cajon, it is orange in color while the non-snare face is in bright yellow. Each side of the drum is made out of different thickness and tuned to a particular tone in order to produce different mood while playing the cajon.

The main purpose of Emojibox is to allow the player to express his/her emotions while beating the box. While expressing, many said that it actually helps them reduce stress and emotional breakdowns. “Music heals”, they added.

Researches and studies have shown that Singaporeans are facing way too much stress. These thoughts of inability, instability and insecurity have paralysed them to pursue what they really love to do in life. (ref: https://www.businessinsider.sg/a-whopping-92-of-working-singaporeans-are-stressed-and-women-are-prioritising-families-over-themselves-study-finds/)

BEAT’ABOX’s vision is always set to meet the needs of the society. Catering customised lessons to help students who have difficulties expressing themselves (especially during their early childhood) is one of our driving goal for EMOJIBOX! Together with the drum itself (instrument) and special music lessons (reflection mode), we hope to increase the happiness index among the children, youths and working adults.

BEAT’ABOX EMOJIBOX SERIES is featured on 883JIA FM. (Safra Radio)

Arthur Choo at 883JIA Radio Station.
DJ 883FM Jimmy (left), Arthur Choo (BEAT’ABOX), DJ 883FM Robin (right)

Emojibox will be official launch in Year 2020 for only $500 (SGD). The drum by far is made out of the most premium wood in America, fined tuned to suit each specific tones. Don’t miss getting this! 🙂

Pictures from @arthurchoo IG

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