The X Factor of a Percussionist


Ever saw a percussionist perform? If you did, did you ever wonder why these performers are so good? Perhaps there was a time when you asked yourself what certain x factor they have that made them seen as that cool by their audience. If you wonder about these things, that’s good for you! That is because now, you can find the answer to these questions. The answers are summarized into two things.
A Percussionist’s X Factor – Their Cajon Instrument and Style of Fashion
  • Cajon
Cajon belongs to the percussion group. This group of musical instruments is known as every musical style’s heartbeat. Try listening to your favorite songs. Can you ever imagine these songs without the drum beats? A percussion instrument is a vital element to any music or songs. It is what influences you to suddenly start taping your foot on the floor. This is the element that adds and controls the intensity as well as speed of all songs performed.
This percussion instrument is one that looks quite simple, but is well built and can add more life to any songs. It is due to what Cajon can do that it is Peru’s national instrument. The instrument is also an important part of Peruvian’s cultural heritage.
Presently, the Cajon is becoming more popular across the world and of course, Singapore. Percussionists and many other music performers have already experimented on using it in different genres. Now, Cajon is being used in a range of genre, including blues, jazz and Hip Hop. Even famous artists like Maroon 5 and Stevie Wonder are using the instrument in their performances. And, do not forget that this same musical instrument has already become a regular in famous shows, including the X Factor and American Idol.
Cajon can serve well in any genres and even when combined with other musical accompaniments. In fact, an acoustic guitar and a Cajon is a perfect match. Percussionists know these reasons, which is why they continue playing the instrument. From there, they know that it can create different emotions, including sad and beautiful. Cajon, the choice of instrument of a percussionist, is one of the specific X factors they have as a musical performance.
  • Fashion
A percussionist’s fashion style is also something to be considered. Their fashion sense is not only a part of who they are as a person. How they show their fashion style also has some connection as a performer and in their choice of instrument, the Cajon. But whatever type of percussion instrument a percussionist uses, they will still look in their best. It is all because of their fashion style. Sweat shirts, jumper pants, scarves, caps or boots are just some of the items a percussionist often uses. It is what defines them and their trademark in a modern music or performing industry.
Below are some examples:

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