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Goals “versus” Recession

During tough times, only the strongest focused ones emerge... Keynote Speaker Series - Arthur Choo With situations such as corona virus spread, riots, potential risk of global recession, now is the perfect time to think about your

STOMP Percussion vs Green Drumming

Learn Recycled Percussion in Singapore? Read out the difference between Stomp! Percussion and Green Drumming of Singapore! Green Drumming with their customised green drums! Thinking of something towards the theme of sustainable, green

Recycled Percussion in Singapore

Green Drumming by BEAT'ABOX at Mediacorp 2020 Countdown Party! BEAT'ABOX (Drums) X BLVCKARMY (Dance) at The Promontory @ Marina Bay Recycled Percussion, also known as

New Innovation! – Pimp my ride

BEAT'ABOX LAMBO CAJON SERIES, MADE IN SINGAPORE The first prototypes were seen with a group of cajoneros playing along with a 3 mins song track at the Suntec Convention Centre in July 2019. "Changes are constant. When we don't

“THE BEAT GOES ON” -Arthur Choo

Meet Arthur Choo, 31, artiste and founder of BEAT’ABOX Group, a cajon school in Singapore. Besides performing and conducting workshops for companies and schools, Arthur and his team hope to make the cajon (pronounced “kah-hone”, a

Staying MF – Musically Fit!

We have finally launched our first BEAT'ABOX Fitness Club in one of the campuses (ERC Institute), right-smacked in the centre of Singapore! Working hand in hand with BigFitness Gym, we will soon have a wholesome experience in playing the…

BEATABOX Story in Shanghai, China!

Finally one fine day to Shanghai! - One of the places I always wanted to visit! Felt like home when i first arrived... Neglecting 2 days of sleep, I rushed anxiously to the Shanghai Music Expo! - The place to find "My Rest". - Actually not…