STOMP Percussion vs Green Drumming

Learn Recycled Percussion in Singapore? Read out the difference between Stomp! Percussion and Green Drumming of Singapore!

Green Drumming with their customised green drums!

Thinking of something towards the theme of sustainable, green and zero waste? Let’s get down to sharing this message through the proxy of art & music. Green Drumming is more than just using recycled items, such as plastic bins, unused metals, bottles and tin cans to make music. We turn waste into drums and junk into fun! In near future, Green Drumming will be a platform among the rhythm-lovers and musicians.

Green Drumming for Singapore Expo “Green” Launch!

Now, what is the difference between English percussion STOMP! and Green Drumming by BEAT’ABOX? Here was what Mr Carl Smith (Co-Creators of STOMP!) and Mr Arthur Choo (Founder of BEAT’ABOX) discussed about.

Arthur Choo (BEAT’ABOX) & Carl Smith (STOMP) in London!

Stomp (stylized as STOMP) is a percussion group, originating in Brighton, United Kingdom that uses the body and ordinary objects to create a physical theatre performance using rhythms, acrobatics and pantomime. They are well-liked by many across the globe since the 90’s till date.

While STOMP focuses primarily on musical showcase, Green Drumming looks into the roots of “creating something out of unused materials”. With a strong direction in upcycling green music instruments and showcasing them through music and arts. Starting with the young ones from primary, secondary schools all the way to adults and corporates, we encourage individuals to take up Green Drumming though our “CCE” program – 1) Collection of waste (Recycling) , 2) Creation Program (Making of Green Drums), 3) Engagement (Skill Training).

On top of that, we will be conducting “Performers” courses as a step-up program for passionate students and train them to be semi to professional performers. These masterclasses will be personally conducted by world-class choreographers, Mr Carl Smith (United Kingdom), Mr Arthur Choo (Singapore) themselves and more… So, watch this space!

Green Drumming – Carl Smith sends his greeting!

Interested person-in-charge for stomp/recycled percussion-like workshop, campuses programmes or corporate team-building/performances, do contact us at:


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