Introducing Green Drumming!

Make music from your surroundings! Anything is possible if you have the ingenuity to do it. Turn everyday tools like your pots and pans into musical instruments with green drumming!

What is Green Drumming?

Want to learn music but don't wish to invest heavily on a musical instrument? Green drumming may be just the right solution for you! It uses everyday items in our life and turns them into musical instruments.

This is part of Beatabox's 2020 plans as well as a way to encourage recycling and the instruments can be made through recycled materials.

Need a better understanding on how this can be done? Check out the video for more details!

What is Beat'ABox?

Beat'ABox is Singapore's largest Cajon school. At Beat'ABox, we believe with a passion that rhythm-making is not just for folks with formal musical training, or for those who can afford an expensive instrument.


Recommends BEAT'ABOX

Requested a customized lesson from Arthur for my extended family - my niece and nephew and sister in law from United States and we have enjoyed the lesson. Love the interactions and the pace!

Lam Seow Ping


Awesome and fun journey of learning to play the cajon. Great way of de-stressing whether u are a working adult or a student. Definitely gonna share with my school mates about Beat'A Box.

Joyce Vera Lim


Who is Arthur?

An entrepreneur, actor and performing artiste, Arthur brings his passion to the masses by founding the BEAT’ABOX GROUP, Singapore's largest Cajon School, with more than 30,000 students and counting.

Started in 2011, Beat'ABox is the first who brought the box drum to Singapore. Beat'ABox has since grown from a small community to an organisation, performing in places such as the Esplanade, the Istana and even on television!

I believe that music can be more than a passion. Students who are keen to take music to the next level have been invited to join in paid performances.

Cajon Singapore
Cajon Performance at Suntec City Convention Centre in July 2019
Cajon Performance on Channel 8 - Lunar New Year's Eve Special 2019, 猪饱饱欢乐迎肥年
Celebrating pre-National Day for Singapore!
Led approximately 100 Cajoneros at The Istana with passion and arts

Green Drumming Online Class!

Pricing: $20
Session: 1 x 60 minutes

Learn how to drum with Arthur! This one-off online session is ideal for those with little or no music background who are looking for creative ways to have fun and learn rhythms at home!


12 (Tuesday) - 1400hrs-1500hrs / 2000hrs-2100hrs FULL

13 (Wednesday) - 1400hrs-1500hrs / 2000hrs-2100hrs Limited Slots

14 (Thursday) - 1400hrs-1500hrs / 2000hrs-2100hrs Limited Slots

15 (Friday) - 1400hrs-1500hrs / 2000hrs-2100hrs Limited Slots

16 (Saturday) - 1100hrs - 1200Hrs

17 (Sunday) - 1100hrs - 1200Hrs

18 (Monday) - 1400hrs-1500hrs / 2000hrs-2100hrs

19 (Tuesday) - 1400hrs-1500hrs / 2000hrs-2100hrs

20(Wednesday) - 1400hrs-1500hrs / 2000hrs-2100hrs

21 (Thursday) - 1400hrs-1500hrs / 2000hrs-2100hrs

22 (Friday) - 1400hrs-1500hrs / 2000hrs-2100hrs

23 (Saturday) - 1100hrs - 1200Hrs

24 (Sunday) - 1100hrs - 1200Hrs

25 (Monday) - 1400hrs-1500hrs / 2000hrs-2100hrs

26 (Tuesday) - 1400hrs-1500hrs / 2000hrs-2100hrs

27(Wednesday) - 1400hrs-1500hrs / 2000hrs-2100hrs

28 (Thursday) - 1400hrs-1500hrs / 2000hrs-2100hrs

29 (Friday) - 1400hrs-1500hrs / 2000hrs-2100hrs

30 (Saturday) - 1100hrs - 1200Hrs

31 (Sunday) - 1100hrs - 1200Hrs


Indicate your interest today and we will update you your class details in your email stated above. Do note that classes will be hosted on ZOOM!

For those who do not have Zoom, here is the Link: to prepare yourself.