BEAT’ABOX Travels to Huangshan (黄山)

黄山 at -2°C

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Privileged to be invited to Hefei to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of people’s Republic of China 🇨🇳 and multinational New media tour of Anhui. Together with a couple of media journalists and key opinion leaders, we had face to face catch up with MNCS chairmans and leaders to understand 3 main pillars of Anhui (安徽) :  innovation, cultural and nature.

We visited a couple of technological firms such as Visionox, Dingo and Chinese Speech Valley in Hefei, China.

Visited Visionox, a high-end LED manufacturers in Hefei.
Dingo, AI /Robot manufacturers

Next, we toured up to Xidi, China for a cultural experience. The depth of China is way deeper than we thought. Even to the smallest things, there have profound histories and strategic reason why, where and how they are being done. It was an eye-opening scenic for most of us who have been on the other side of the world. In short, China had geared up to another level of growth and ethics.

Xidi’s 5000 years historical village

Finally, the mountains. I have never experience mountain trekking before in my life besides driving up to South Antelope located in America. Not even Bukit Timah Hill in Singapore .

This time, I brought along BEAT’ABOX Travel Cajon – specially crafted for travel purposes. It is light, portable and tone-rich for such a versatile box.

Hear the tone at -2 degrees (minus) Celsius!

Huangshan (黄山)is located about 3-3.5 hours drive from Hefei, Anhui. Getting there is also possible with a domestic flight transfer. (I would prefer that actually).

Getting up and down the mountains was one of the best exercises throughout this visit. I believe we took about 30,000 steps just to see the peak of the mountain. And guess what, it was day 1 of snowing!

Peter(Myanmar), Shi Du (China), Arthur Choo (Singapore) at Huangshan
Staying cool at the Yellow Mountains.

We followed up with a glass of red wine with the governor of Huangshan. I guess a glass of wine keeps the cold away? We joked about it.

Our trip includes a very special impromptu interaction with locals in Anhui. Here is a short performance video with Nid, a journalist from Thailand.

Hope you enjoy the short snippet! See you again, China! 

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