“THE BEAT GOES ON” -Arthur Choo

Meet Arthur Choo, 31, artiste and founder of BEAT’ABOX Group, a cajon school in Singapore. Besides performing and conducting workshops for companies and schools, Arthur and his team hope to make the cajon (pronounced “kah-hone”, a

Meet & Eat!

Hi All, Here is your special invitation. **Do note that this is an exclusive invitation :) See you there, #arthurfamily

Staying MF – Musically Fit!

We have finally launched our first BEAT'ABOX Fitness Club in one of the campuses (ERC Institute), right-smacked in the centre of Singapore! Working hand in hand with BigFitness Gym, we will soon have a wholesome experience in playing the…

BEATABOX Story in Shanghai, China!

Finally one fine day to Shanghai! - One of the places I always wanted to visit! Felt like home when i first arrived... Neglecting 2 days of sleep, I rushed anxiously to the Shanghai Music Expo! - The place to find "My Rest". - Actually not…

ARTCAPELLAH – Birth of a star

Artcapellah's Version of Lajin (Birth of a star) for China's variety show. Acoustic / Electric Version created by Arthur Choo representing Singapore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFFYjTvQTcE Subscribe below for more videos! Instagram:…

Cajon-The Story In a Nutshell

Cajon-The Story In a Nutshell Invention of the Cajon drums dates back to the era of African slavery when the instrument became more popular in the Republic of Peru. The far-reaching acceptance of the instrument made it a popular tool for…

International Youth Submit 2014

Hi Friends, I will be sharing on the topic " A Youth's Dream" from 12pm to 1230pm. Date: 6th Dec 2014 Venue: *SCAPE, #04-01 (The Colony) For more information, visit http://www.internationalyouths.org/.