About “阿德”

Arthur a.k.a”阿德”


Home-grown cajon talent and powerhouse, Arthur Choo, is the founder and soul of the BEAT’ABOX GROUP. Enterprising and fearless, Arthur has tried his hand at business since the age of 18. With music as his passion, he has performed as part of a group since his early 20s, doing shows with a group in Asia, and then going solo with a few friends, in the local arts scene. One of the local pioneer performers and trainers in cajon, Arthur saw the potential of this instrument, and pursued it with a passion, founding BEAT’ABOX in 2011, funding its activities through his personal income from his full-time job as a star-performing Sales Manager. In 2013 May, he boldly quit his work to manage BEAT’ABOX full-time. Arthur’s vision is to put Singapore on the map as a leading education provider in percussion and music, and a leading producer of unique cajons.

A former Neighbourhood Policeman during his NS days, Arthur keeps his ears close to the ground, and is familiar with ways to touch and engage the community. He has a passion for young people, to lead and motivate them through music, to pay-it-forward. Amalgamating his past experiences as performer, entrepreneur, and a servant-leader in society, he now harnesses the love for music to motivate and activate hundreds of youth volunteers to give back to society in their music events.


  • “Iconic Singaporean”, CNN Worldwide
  • Lunar New Year Countdown 2019, Mediacorp Channel 8 (Choreographer)
  • Jalan Jalan, Mediacorp Channel 8
  • Limited Edition, Mediacorp Channel 8
  • Lion Mum Season 2, Mediacorp Channel 5
  • “While We Are Young”, Mediacorp Channel 8
  • Junction Tree Season 3, Mediacorp Kids Channel
  • President Star Charity 2016 “Rock the Cajons”
  • Lajin Korea’s Variety Show In Beijing named, “Birth of a Star” (http://www.iqiyi.com/v_19rr95jgjs.html)
  • “National Day with Cajons” -Good Morning Singapore, Mediacorp Channel 8
  • “Cajon Beat” on NOT the 5 TV Show, Mediacorp Channel 5
  • “Let’s groove” on OKTO Channel
  • Singapore’s largest BOX OUT Cajon Festival 2013
  • Singapore’s largest BOX OUT Cajon Festival 2014
  • Singapore’s largest BOX OUT Cajon Festival 2015
  • Singapore’s largest BOX OUT Cajon Festival 2016
  • Mediacorp 2016 Countdown party in Suntec City
  • Crescendo Musical at Kallang Theatre
  • “My Squad is better than yours” – Mediacorp Tv 5
  • “Festival for Good” in Timbre by Raise Singapore
  • Special Guest Cajon artiste for “ Youth got talent 2016” in Tawau, Malaysia
  • Various PassionArt festivals organised by People Association
  • Special Cajon feature in Jack Neo’s “Long long time ago 2” music video
  • “Presidents Challenge – Social Enterprise Award 2015”
  • “Celebration of Drums 2015”
  • “Sacheon Percussion Festival 2015”
  • Various school campuses

and many more…


  • “Inspiring Performing Artiste” award 2019 in Malaysia, recognised by Malaysia Global Chamber of Commerce.
  • “Bridging societies through music” in The Strait Times
  • “Taking care of our health as a nation” in The Newspaper 2017 (http://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/taking-care-our-health-nation-big-walk , http://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/athletes-celebrities-come-together-enjoy-big-walk)
  • “Using Music as a social change- Social Defence Singapore” in Today Newspaper (http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/using-music-platform-social-change)
  • “Journey as a Music Entrepreneur” on RazorTV
  • Steering committee for “National Song writing festival 2017” organised by Compass Singapore and Ocean Butterfly Music.
  • “Beat out of the box” in Lian He Zao Bao
  • “Beat’abox beats the blues” in Weekenders Newspaper
  • “Music Maker” article in UWeekly Magazine
  • “Cajon Magic” article in Omy.sg
  • “Out of the box” talk show on UFM100.3
  • “Vehicle of change” on Capital 95.8FM
  • “Cajon as an intergenerational instrument” on 93.8LIVE
  • “BEAT’ABOX Journey” on 987FM
  • “On the Red Dot – Zero Dollar Entrepreneurship”, Channel News Asia & MediaCorp Channel 5
  • “Emotional Cheating –Words from a musician” – Cosmopolitan Singapore Magazine
  • On Singapore Books of Record 2013, 2014 as the organiser for Singapore’s largest cajon festival
  • “Creating social value for the holidays” article from SIM University (http://m360.sim.edu.sg/article/Pages/Creating-Social-Value-for-the-Holidays.aspx)

 and more…


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